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How To Block Someone On Gmail?

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We have to admit that all of us at some point in our life have faced this problem. By “this Problem” we mean random emails from a random person or a company you’ve never approached. You must’ve thought of blocking that particular sender. Well, you can do that, if you are a Gmail user. You’ll be able to do this very easily. All you have to do is to follow the given below steps which are provided by Gmail support and in doing so, you’ll be able to dodge those annoying senders and you can live happily ever after.  

  • Open Gmail and login to your Google account
  • Find an email which you received from that sender
  • Click the down arrow
  • Choose Block “Sender’s Name” from the drop-down menu

Once you are done with the above mentioned steps, you’ll no longer receive any emails from that particular sender. Although, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to read them again, to do so, just visit your spam folder where all the future emails from that sender will end up as well.

It’s also important for you to know that Gmail also allows you to unblock the sender anytime you want. To do that, all you got to do is click the down arrow button on the top right corner of the message and select unblock ”Senders Name”. Once you are done, the messages sent by that person will get back to your inbox.

As you can see, blocking/unblocking a sender is pretty simple. But, sometimes in rare cases, sender finds a way to send you those emails through different Email addresses; you need to get in touch with Gmail Technical Support by dialing our helpline number +61 283206038. We’ll be very happy to help you to get out of your struggles and misery.


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