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Steps To Edit or Delete a Gmail Email Template

Are you tired of replying the same question again and again on your email? Gmail Canned Response can help you in this. This feature within the Gmail can help to create email templates that you can re-use rapidly with just a few alterations. Filters can also be used to C.R so that it’s always sent as a reply to certain messages. If you’ve already created an email template and now you don’t longer need it. The alteration or removal is possible. Read this blog to modify or delete Gmail Email Template.

Follow the given steps to modify Canned Response:

  • Login to your Gmail account by filling up necessary details.
  • Go to Compose option or Reply form from the inbox.
  • Navigate towards down arrow visible in the message box in the lower right corner to open the Canned Responses (C.R) menu.
  • Select Canned Responses and then click (Name of the C.R) under the Insert section.
  • Now, edit or make changes to the message as desired. When you’re done, select the down-arrow on the right corner of the screen.
  • Select the Canned responses option and then click the name of the C.R under Save section.
  • A confirmation message will show on screen. Click OK button to save the modification made.

Delete a Canned Response:

  • Click Compose and then click C.R option.
  • When the menu appears, select the name of the C.R you want to remove.
  • A small window will open to confirm the removal of C.R. click OK button.

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